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CSS Borders
CSS BordersCSS Borders

Chapter - 20 : CSS Borders and Dimensions : (Page 1/6)

This property is used to define the borders and outline around an element. This is the most versatile property and can be defined many ways. The basic difference between border and outline is that the borders are within the dimensions of the element, but the outline is outside the dimensions of element and it is outside of border.

20.1- Borders:
i) Border Styles:
The basic command is p {border-style:solid;}
Here 'solid' is the value and followings values are allowed

a) dotted :

b) dashed :

c) solid :

d) double

ii) Border Width: The width can also be defined in terms of thin / medium / thick or in terms of px..

Here border width can take any value.

iii) Border Color: Border color can be defined by Hex Codes, English name or RBG value (0,0,255)

OR border-color:CSS Borders0000ff;
OR border-color:rbg(0,0,255);
NOTE : Border width and color properties are to be used with 'border style' property or else it will not show the result.

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