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Paragraph html
Paragraph htmlParagraph html

2.2- Paragraph html:

As 'heading' starts from a fresh line, paragraphs also automatically starts from a fresh line and after the paragraph end tag, next text starts from a new line. A paragraph starts with <p> tag and ends with </p> tag. Since 'Paragraph' content can be beautifully decorated with font color, style etc. (This is explained in detail in next chapter), therefore, paragraph tag is frequently used to give a professional look to page.

Command: <p> Your Content </p>
Output: Your Content

Paragraph Alignment: The paragraphs can be alignment left, right or center.

Command: (for Left alignment) <p align='left'>This is a paragraph</p>

Command: (for Right alignment) <p align='right'>This is a paragraph</p>


Command: (for Center alignment) <p align='center'>This is a paragraph</p>

The box filled with yellow color is not made with this command. This is just to show the location of Text.

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