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Chapter - 13 : On Mouse & On Key Commands (On Key Press): (Page 5/5)

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13.7- On Unload Event: This event occurs when a user exits a page. In some Browser this event occur when the page is exit and in some when the complete site is closed. This is also defined with the 'body' tag.

<body onunload=window.open(http://www.yoursite.com/thankyou.html);self.blur();>
This will open a web page thankyou.html on exit.

13.8- On Key Press: This event occurs when any key is pressed. Like mouse click this is also a combination of 'on key down' and 'on key up'.


This is mostly used with dynamic script like javascript. In the above example soomefunction(),soomefunction1() and soomefunction2() are different events.

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